Press Release

New Partnership Between IHT AG and ELSA Industry Brings Eco-Friendly Hydrogen UAV to the Market

with IHT AG, a specialist in hydrogen production and technology, to develop a new eco-friendly unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV): the Cargo Midsize ELSA-H. This partnership not only solidifies ELSA’s position in the aerospace and automotive racing sectors but also expands its expertise into the hydrogen business.

About IHT AG

IHT AG is a leader in the development of hydrogen technologies and helps customers worldwide switch to clean energy. As a manufacturer, IHT AG will build and operate hydrogen factories in various countries.

Hydrogen-Powered UAV

The ELSA-H UAV will be powered by a hybrid system, including electric and full hydrogen versions, making it an environmentally friendly solution for cargo transportation. IHT AG will provide the necessary technology and infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient refueling of the drones.

Complete Infrastructure Solution

The partnership between ELSA Industry and IHT AG offers a comprehensive infrastructure solution that enables the production and use of hydrogen, making it easier and more cost-effective for operators to run the drones. This solution also allows operators to function independently of external energy sources.

Benefits for Stakeholders

– End customers can enjoy a new, eco-friendly way to transport goods.

– Investors have the opportunity to be part of this promising technology at an early stage.

– Municipalities can benefit from a local, sustainable energy supply that strengthens the local economy.

ELSA Industry’s Expanded Capabilities

ELSA Industry has enhanced its operations and capabilities in several areas:

1. Advanced Composite Manufacturing: The company has established facilities for producing composites crucial for aerospace and automotive applications, using the fiber-reinforced polymer technologies to create lightweight and durable components.

2. Specialized Training Programs: ELSA Industry has launched comprehensive training programs to enhance the skills of engineers and technicians in composite manufacturing, ensuring a well-prepared workforce. The training is available for customers as well.

3. Engineering Services: The company has expanded its engineering services to include design, testing, and validation for a wide range of industries, including aerospace automotive racing, naval and wind energy.

4. Racing Car Division: ELSA Industry has introduced a dedicated racing car division focused on designing and manufacturing high-performance components and vehicles for professional racing.

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