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Lightweight structures for aerospace

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Sustainable aviation powered by hydrogen

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Innovative Designs: Cutting-edge engineering solutions tailored to your needs.

Advanced Materials: High-performance composites for superior strength and durability.

Custom Solutions: Tailored approaches to optimize your operations.

Management Team

At ELSA Industry, we are dedicated to providing exceptional industrial solutions that drive your business forward. Here are four key reasons why you should choose us as your trusted partner:

Cristinel Patrascu

CEO & Co-Founder

Katrin Mayrhofer

COO & Co-Founder

Dr. Albert Arnau

CTO & Co-Founder, PhD. EMBA

Radu Cirligeanu

Head of R&D and H2 Systems & Co-Founder

Why Choose Us

At ELSA Industry, we are dedicated to providing exceptional industrial solutions that drive your business forward. 

Innovative Solutions

We utilize the latest technologies to develop solutions that keep you ahead of the competition.

Expert Team

Our skilled professionals tackle complex challenges to deliver outstanding results.

Sustainable Practices

We minimize environmental impact through eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

AZEA Member

As AZEA members, we advance zero-emission aviation for a greener future.

The Team

Advisory Board

Our Customers

"ELSA Industry has revolutionized our manufacturing process with their innovative solutions. Their commitment to quality and efficiency is unmatched, and we've seen significant improvements in our productivity. The team is incredibly professional and responsive, making our collaboration seamless. We highly recommend ELSA Industry to any business looking to enhance their operations."
- John Smith, CEO of Tech Manufacturing Inc.
"Working with ELSA Industry has been a game-changer for our company. Their expertise in industrial engineering and their cutting-edge technologies have helped us stay ahead of the competition. The solutions provided were not only effective but also sustainable, aligning perfectly with our company's values. Their dedication and attention to detail are truly commendable."

- Sarah Johnson, Operations Manager at Green Solutions Ltd.
"ELSA Industry's training programs and R&D support have been instrumental in our company's growth. Their knowledgeable team provided us with the tools and insights needed to innovate and improve our products. The partnership with ELSA Industry has been one of the best decisions we've made, and we look forward to continued success together."

- Michael Brown, Director of Innovation at FutureTech Corp.

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Cristinel Patrascu

CEO And Co-Founder

Cristinel is an esteemed aerospace engineer and visionary leader with a rich background in aircraft design, systems integration, and interiors. His journey spans decades, including pioneering projects like the Airbus A380 and A350. As the former Head of the Centre of Design, Research & Development at S. ROMAERO S.A., Cristinel led groundbreaking initiatives and demonstrated strategic vision and expertise in navigating complex challenges. His commitment to sustainable aviation and proficiency in multiple languages further underscore his ability to drive innovation and foster international collaboration. He is at the helm of ELSA Industry S.R.L., driving innovation and sustainable growth within the competitive aerospace sector.

Comprehensive Experience in AIRBUS

  • With a rich background in aircraft design, systems integration, and interiors, Cristinel brings unparalleled expertise to the table.
  • His journey spans decades, from pioneering projects like the Airbus A380 to fine-tuning the Airbus A350. His technical acumen is unmatched.

Proven Leadership

As the former Head of the Centre of Design, Research & Development at ROMAERO S.A., Cristinel spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives with strategic vision and exceptional problem-solving abilities. His expertise and leadership qualities make him the ideal leader for ELSA. During his tenure as Head of CEDITA at Romaero, he served as the Program Manager, overseeing Tooling Design, Tooling Manufacturing, Single Part Manufacturing, Configuration Management, and Assembly for testing articles for the RACER project. This project, under the Joint Undertaking CLeanSky2 and coordinated by AIRBUS, benefited immensely from his comprehensive management and innovative approach.

Production Engineering Experience

As a Production Engineer, Cristinel worked on various projects in the past, including:

  • BAe-BAC 1-11, Britten-Norman BN-2T4S, I.A.I. “Galaxy” Jet, Pratt & Whitney Canada Boeing 720 Test Bed, ATR 42 & 72, and AN24 & AN26 Russian aircrafts.
  • Approved MRB Engineer for British Aerospace BAC 1-11, Canadair CL-415, and Britten-Norman BN-2 Aircrafts.

Commitment to Sustainable Aviation

Cristinel’s commitment to sustainable aviation aligns perfectly with ELSA’s mission. He envisions hydrogen-powered aircraft and autonomous UAVs revolutionizing the industry. He also represents ELSA as a member at the AZEA – Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation.

Global Network and Proficiency

Cristinel Patrascu has cultivated an extensive international network throughout his career. Fluent in English, French, and German, he effectively bridges cultures and fosters collaborations across the globe. His connections span multiple continents, enabling him to leverage diverse expertise and drive forward-thinking solutions in aerospace.

Katrin Mayrhofer

COO And Co-Founder

Katrin’s technical and mathematical educational background and her extensive experience in the aviation and aerospace sectors have significantly advanced expertise in aerospace research and development. She has held various key roles and responsibilities in the industry:

Airbus Helicopters:

  • Worked in strategic procurement and the airplane door systems department.
  • Contributed to the research and innovation department on projects including:
    • CityAirbus electric air taxi
    • Bluecopter (Green Rotorcraft in CleanSky1)
    • RACER (CleanSky2)


  • Served as Technical Program Manager for RACER, overseeing planning, monitoring, and coordination of technical tasks.
  • Implemented KAN BAN and parallel HO manufacturing and assembly for the Romanian Consortium.
  • Managed Project Management Static Airframe Test Articles, including static testing of the main fuselage.
  • Held various roles:
    • IPT Member RACER
    • IFAR Point of Contact (PoC) for Helicopters in Romania
    • PoC in Romania for the Vertical Flight Society
    • EREA Rotorcraft Network PoC in INCAS

The RACER Project, managed by Katrin for the Romanian Consortium with the Coordinator AIRBUS, aimed to complete a fuselage demonstrator through collaboration with 40 European partners in 13 countries for a Rapid and Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft.

Key Achievements:

  • Completion of RACER Fuselage Demonstrator: Successfully developed and assembled, showcasing the team’s technical capabilities and innovative solutions.
  • Project Management: Under Katrin’s leadership, the project was completed on time and within scope, with expertise in coordinating technical planning, design, stress analysis, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.
  • International Collaboration: Involved multiple European research initiatives, fostering a global network of experts and organizations dedicated to advancing aerospace technology.
  • Technical Planning and Assembly: Managed complex projects through meticulous planning (with almost 400 interfaces at the airframe) and execution.
  • Other Projects: Part of broader European initiatives, including FITCoW and ELADIN E.

Katrin’s leadership and expertise were pivotal to the success of the RACER Project, exemplifying international collaboration, meticulous planning, and innovative problem-solving in the aerospace sector. Her diverse skill set and dedication are further highlighted by her roles in international research projects, commitment to gender equality, and involvement in sustainable practices.

Experience at GroupEAD:

As CEO Assistant, Katrin contributed to GroupEAD, a unique AIM and navigation service provider operating the European AIS Database (EAD) on behalf of Eurocontrol since 2003. The company specializes in aeronautical data management and the evolution from Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). Her experience underscores her ability to manage complex projects and drive innovation in aeronautical data management. Her experience exposed her to cross-national and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Involvement in Advanced Air Mobility:

  • AAM Institute: Active as Country Liaison for Romania, focusing on innovative advanced air mobility solutions. Promotes enhanced transportation efficiency, reduced emissions, and increased accessibility, safety, dignity, and public awareness.

Commitment to Gender Equality and Sustainability:

  • European Rotorcraft Women Network: Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member, advocating for gender equality in the helicopter industry.
  • One Billion Farmers Organization (Circularity Global): Board Member, supporting agricultural initiatives and sustainable practices.
  • European Rotors: Patron, Jury Member, and Sponsor of the student challenge “Rotorthon.”

Katrin maintains a vast network of global contacts, facilitating international collaboration and innovation.

Dr. Albert Arnau

CTO & Co-Founder

With nearly a decade of immersive involvement in the aeronautics and engineering landscape, Albert brings forth a rich tapestry of experiences and accomplishments that resonate with innovation, expertise, and leadership.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ELSA

Albert stands at the forefront of pioneering initiatives in engineering and composite manufacturing, including new and sustainable materials. His extensive background in research and development, coupled with his proficiency in project management and design for manufacturing, positions him as the ideal leader to drive technological advancements within the company. Additionally, holding a trainer licence for Composite Manufacturing, he can train our team internally.

Strategic Vision and Business Acumen

Albert holds an MBA, which equips him with a strategic mindset and business acumen necessary to navigate the complexities of the industry and capitalize on emerging opportunities. His ability to blend technical expertise with strategic vision makes him a valuable asset in steering ELSA Industry towards continued growth and innovation.

Redefining Industry Standards

At ELSA Industry, we redefine industry standards, offering end-to-end solutions in composites, from conceptualization to certification. Our commitment to excellence, under Albert’s leadership, drives us to deliver cutting-edge services, shaping the future of engineering landscapes.

Academic Journey and Teaching Experience

Albert’s academic journey at Politehnica University of Bucharest as a Seminar Professor in Mechanical Engineering enriches his perspective and fuels his passion for aerospace engineering. Seven years of imparting knowledge and nurturing minds contribute to a legacy of innovation and academic excellence.

Research Development at Romaero SA Bucharest

His tenure at Romaero SA Bucharest as a Research Development Engineer was marked by groundbreaking contributions to the RACER Airframe project under the European Clean Sky 2 initiative. Spearheading composite manufacturing and managing production for helicopter airframes underscored his prowess in project management and design for manufacturing.

Leadership Roles at SC STRAERO SA

Stepping into leadership roles at SC STRAERO SA, Albert directed national and international research projects, navigating complexities with finesse and foresight. His expertise in aeronautics and project management facilitated seamless execution, driving impactful outcomes.

Foundational Experience at Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell

The foundation of his career was laid at Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell, where he interned in the Maintenance Department, honing his skills and understanding of aeronautics. Subsequent roles at Flightcare as an Agente de Pasaje refined his acumen in customer service, organization, and problem-solving, laying the groundwork for a dynamic career trajectory.

Innovation and Collaboration with EUROAVIA

Albert’s journey with EUROAVIA as a Project Team Leader epitomized innovation and collaboration. Leading a team in developing can-sized satellites for international competitions showcased his ability to drive transformative projects with precision and vision.

In essence, his profile embodies a fusion of academic rigor, industry expertise, and entrepreneurial vision. With a proven track record of success and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he is poised to lead transformative endeavors that shape the future of aerospace engineering and beyond.

Radu Cirligeanu

HO R&D & Co-Founder

Radu holds his MSc in Thermal Power with a focus on Aerospace Propulsion, specializing in gas turbines encompassing theory, mechanical design, performance, simulation, diagnostics, and combustion from Cranfield University. He also holds an MEng in Aerospace Engineering, studying Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Combustion, Electrical Engineering, Theory of Propulsion Systems, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Mechanics, and Avionics from Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

Industry Experience

Radu emerges as a towering figure in the aerospace realm, having wielded his expertise at industry giants like Rolls Royce and Safran. At Rolls Royce Defence Aerospace, he stood as a linchpin, meticulously ensuring engine performance adhered to the most stringent standards. At Safran, he spearheaded the exploration of groundbreaking propulsion technologies, pivotal for the future of flight.

Leadership and Vision

His journey epitomizes innovation, with each role a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. Now, poised to lead as the Head of Research and Development at ELSA Industry, Radu embodies the quintessential visionary. His tenure at Rolls Royce and Safran underscores not just his technical prowess, but his innate ability to foresee and navigate the ever-evolving aerospace landscape.

Transformative Change

In the vanguard of ELSA Industry, Radu is the catalyst for transformative change. His track record of pioneering research and strategic problem-solving positions him as the architect of ELSA’s future. With a visionary mindset honed through years of industry experience, he is not merely a leader but a trailblazer, steering ELSA towards new horizons in hydrogen-based aerospace technologies. As the helm of ELSA’s R&D, Radu is the visionary force propelling ELSA Industry into a new era of innovation and excellence.

Global Network and Collaboration

Radu’s global network extends far beyond the confines of his workplace, with extensive involvement in collaborative research projects across the aerospace sector. Through these endeavors, he has forged invaluable connections with leading experts and researchers worldwide, enriching his understanding of emerging technologies and industry trends.

Commitment to Innovation

His engagement in such projects underscores not only his technical acumen but also his dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation. Radu’s ability to leverage this network ensures that ELSA Industry remains at the nexus of cutting-edge advancements, positioning the company as a trailblazer in the realm of hydrogen-based aerospace technologies.

Advancing the Aerospace Field

Furthermore, Radu’s participation in research projects serves as a testament to his commitment to advancing the field as a whole, transcending individual company interests for the collective progress of the aerospace industry. His collaborative spirit and willingness to share insights contribute to a culture of innovation that permeates ELSA Industry, driving forward-thinking solutions and propelling the company to new heights of excellence.

Joel Michael

Joel is an entrepreneur and investor deeply involved in climate change initiatives and the circular economy. He serves on the board of the Climate Institute and has a diverse career across various roles and industries, emphasizing innovation and sustainability. Joel led the Hyperloop team, securing contracts in the Middle East and Asia, and supports startups through his board positions in global incubators and accelerators.

He is committed to improving the lives of farmers and waste pickers in India and Africa with his ‘One Billion Farmers’ Mission and mentors young individuals on sustainability and social impact. Joel’s work includes projects aimed at achieving carbon neutrality and developing solutions for decarbonization, waste to energy, and more. He hosts the ‘Pods Green Earth’ podcast, interviewing sustainability leaders.

Joel has collaborated with governments, ministries, and major corporations worldwide, including Facebook, Uber, Tesla, NASA, World Economic Forum, JP Morgan, Dubai Expo, Atari, Munich RE, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Boeing, Airbus, Accenture, Disney, SkyWay, TATA Group, Aldar Group, Atkins Global, Meinhardt, Paul Hastings, Priestman Goode, Calatrava, Alstom, Fluor, Bechtel, Halliburton, World Wide Media Group, Two Bit Circus, Lighting Africa & Masdar.. His academic partnerships span prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. Joel’s efforts have been recognized in major media outlets, and he speaks on topics like circular economy and climate entrepreneurship, showcasing his dedication to leveraging business for environmental and social benefits.

Andrzej Podsadowski

Andrzej Podsadowski graduated in 1980 at Rzeszów Technical University as a mechanical engineer specialized in aviation/aircraft structures, with the grade MSc. and started his work afterwards at the biggest Polish Aero defence company PZL Mielec. Andrzej worked there until March 2000 on different positions:

  • Head of Unit (Aerodynamics and Strategic Marketing)
  • Chief Designer (UAV VECTOR)
  • Board Director
  • Representative of bankrupted company

From April 2000 until April 2004, Andrzej has been the Managing Director of GE Company Polska Engineering Design Centre, which was cooperating with General Electric Aircraft Engines.
The Main tasks were to establish and to develop the company and Andrzej successfully achieved this goal.
From June 2004 until February 2005 Andrzej was the New Technology Officer of PZL Rzeszów (subsidiary of Pratt Whitney Canada).
In March 2005 Andrzej started his Position at the European Commission:

  • Unit Aeronautics of DG RTD
  • Clean Sky, Clean Sky 2, Clean Aviation as a Project Officer (Green Regional Aircraft, Green Rotorcraft, Engines)

Falk-Alexander Birner

Falk is a partner at LOLUCO, a small consulting firm that focuses on start-up and scale-up business development. LOLUCO advises companies on sustainable new business models in the areas of mobility, urban planning, and all possibilities to improve human existence.

Previously, Falk studied politics at the Bavarian School of Public Policy at the Technical University of Munich and at the Power Business School. He then worked for members of the German parliament and then for an investment boutique in Munich.

Stephan Rauhut

Stephan has extensive experience in the fields of policy consulting, communication, and public affairs.

He has worked as a freelance consultant and has held positions in various companies and organizations. His responsibilities have included strategic policy consulting, press and public relations, negotiations, advising elected officials, and representing institutions.

He has years of experience in political work, including serving as a spokesperson for economics, finance, and transportation in the CSU party head office.

Additionally, he has worked in public affairs and project management in the aerospace and energy sectors.
Stephan completed a degree in political science, geography, and economic policy and holds a master’s degree.

Philip Davies

Philip Davies has 25 years of working with Aviation (British Airways, Flybe, Airbus, Vueling), Government (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) and Defence (UK MoD) industries.

Philip is a seasoned management consultant with experience within PwC, IBM, Serco Consulting and KPMG, delivering business optimisation and transformation for asset intensive industries. More recently Philip has had C-suite roles within a number of PE owned businesses.

Currently Philip is providing advisory support to a Rolls-Royce digital start-up, transforming the digital first customer experience for aviation, called Yocova, as well as M&A support to Bain & Co and a range of PE companies in the aviation acquisition space.

Philips key focus is building strategic partnerships, vendor ecosystems, accelerating time to value through collaboration and leveraging data to deliver new revenue and investment opportunities.

Cristian Macedonschi

Cristian is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who over time has created jobs both in Germany and in Romania.

In the companies he managed, he showed a good sense of management and leadership.

Through the Smart City Brașov Association, which he founded in 2016, he is active within the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), the Romanian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (CCE-R) and the Romanian-Moldovan-Luxembourg-Belgian Chamber of Commerce (BEROCC) and for Advantage Austria Romania is a reliable partner for joint projects that have been carried out over the years and will be continued in the future.

Christian is a member of the Romanian-German Forum in Berlin initiated by Mrs. Susanne Kastner and chaired by Mr. Deputy Gunther Krichbaum and active within the Institute of European Regions in Salzburg.

Being from Brașov, Christian is equally passionate about both the promotion and development of Brașov and the experience accumulated over the years in the field of smart city development through the network of specialists to whom it has access through the various national and international forums, makes it available to other cities.

Cristian is passionate about continuous professional training and does not miss any opportunity to further specialize in the field of smart city development and multimodal and intelligent urban mobility and thus stay “up to date”.

In this sense, he graduated in 2022 from the executive program “Smart City & Smart Mobility Management” offered by the Mobility Institute of the University of St. Gallen from Switzerland and is part of the European network of Smart Mobility Managers created by the prestigious university.

Over the years, Cristian has organized numerous international conferences related to the development of smart cities, smart urban and interurban mobility and electric mobility in Romania.

Since 2023, Cristian is the official representative in Romania of the German National Federation of Electric Mobility – Bundesverband eMobility (BEM) and with its support he initiated, together with important national partners in electric mobility, the Romanian National Electric Mobility Association (ANME).

The Smart City Brasov Association proposes, in addition to the numerous projects initiated at the local and regional level, the development of smart cities and urban mobility by supporting the development of the necessary infrastructure. Electric mobility as a worldwide trend, comes in this sense with challenges, ideas and solutions, which will soon change the way we understand being responsible for the environment. At the same time, it brings a new way of living in a community, one in which intelligent mobility can be our ally. Investing in the development of the infrastructure necessary for electric mobility means understanding this trend, identifying its potential, responding to the immediate needs of customers and finding optimal solutions in this regard both for the present and for the future.